Motorcycle Journals

These are a perfect gift for a biker. Motorcycle logbook, notebook for Bikers and Motorcyclists allows detailed memories of road trips. Handy 6 x 9 size fits easily in your bike or saddlebag and can travel with you. You can follow your fuel consumption, miles and weather conditions, and so on. These journals Motorcycle logbook for Bikers and Motorcyclists is to help you memorize trips and to monitor your and your bike’s performance. Enjoy your ride and enjoy it again filling these logbooks.

Page through your journals. Memorizing your trips, memorizing your feelings. The journals are made to keep the riding spirit alive - dry asphalt and the feeling of the wind on my face.  So, I made these for need. I made my own to fit the style I like, a bit vintage and retro.

Some of these notebooks have The Zen Route on the back cover. It’s from the epic journey that happens in the book ”Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig first published in 1974. Cafe racer and Bobber related notebooks have Isle of Man race track on the back cover. All drawn by me.

  • Professionally designed premium matte cover.
  • 6 x 9 size
  • Includes 120 Log Pages
  • Prompts Include:
  • Start Date, Time, Mileage
  • Companions
  • Trip Check List
  • Route Details
  • Destination
  • Cool Things Along the Way
  • Accommodations/Restaurants
  • Bike Performance
  • Ending Mileage
  • Fuel Used and Cost
  • Weather Conditions
  • Full pages for notes of memories and experiences along the way

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