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The Wierd Duck Skull collection

The Wierd Duck Skull collection
” Gain your confidence”

The Mummyduck Customs presents a Wierd Duck Skull collection. A little modification and now dirty dosen really weird duck skulls with tattoos are ready. Based on the now-forgotten ” one and only” collection.


There are 3 ”one and only” shirts in the world. They are not in this collection. Those three prints live and die with their t-shirts. The Mummyduck Customs wish well and happiness to those who wear designs.


People who take themselves outside their comfort zone dare to use these. Whether it was sports, speed, or a worldview. You are the one who dares more. Gain your confidence. How do you do it? You dare to test your limits. A wave, a curve, a point of view… how you going to take it. Be open and try different. I hope you have the skills to do it also.


These are definitely not for everyone. It takes strength of character and self-esteem to wear clothes with Mummyduck customs Wierd Duck Skull print. Prints can be found on t-shirts, sweaters, and mugs. Why mugs? Is a perfect tool to fuel yourself with proper gasoline, like coffee.


These are based on one of the Harris NFT tryout files. By combining different elements, you get thousands of different combinations from this same duck skull. There is a helmet, horns, mustaches, and so on. These 12 have been elected and composed from these options very carefully. Hey, you can make a request. Let’s see if the combination is capable to bush it out.


We'll see how the collection does, but here are the first 12 first.

”The Wierd Duck Skull Collection”


Thank you and bow

– Harri

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