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My tools to make the Mummyduck Customs prints

First comes the MacBook Pro, the machine. It’s the centre of all software and equipments. Second is 27” Wacom Cintiq, my big screen with the ability draw on it. And then comes the little but very efficient iPad Pro with Procreate. When I met the iPad pro the very first time I thought it’s a Wacom killer. Many illustrators have sold their Wacoms. I still think the Wacom is a very valid tool. It’s like a bigger monkey wrench that you will need from time to time.

Of course, I have various pens, brushes, paints, sketchbooks, and erasers (even electrical ones).

Working process

My working process above all goes like this. I start with thumbnails, quite small ones, on the iPad or on the sketchbook with a pencil. To choose the one to make the final from is not always easy. After I have made the decision, iPad is the tool to continue. Procreate is mainly the only app I’m using on the iPad. Of course, I have the apple pen.

Sharpening the sketch takes time. At this point it is good to still try the proportions and potential details. When I’m happy with the sketch is time to ink it. All this is done on the iPad.

I have chosen colours, three different browns (a dull ones), and letters, four to five fonts (not so dull), the colours and fonts I use in Mummyduck Customs prints. So I have certain rules to give the right similarity and identifiable look for the prints. And of course the style is a bit vintage and retro.   
I transfer the inked and coloured illustration to AffinityDesigner on MacBook pro. Here I continue with typography. And the new experiment begins with letters. I might take illustration back to the iPad to make some corrections. This is how the process goes. Final print is ready when I’m happy with it. 

The video is to show the process how I’ve made my own version of Mr. Horsepower to honour Clay Smith Cams and his logo mascot. A mummyduck skull covered with shroud as flames. The iconic Mr. Horsepower and my Mummyduck represents old throttle and torque power based on ancient piston technology. In nowadays, I count my self as a fossil, relic or something similar.

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