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I have had single-piston, two-piston, and four-piston engines in my motorcycles. Not three pistons. ” Three-piston engine” is the best to ride said an old motorcycle mechanic once for me. It gives rounds like four piston engines and torque like in two-piston engines. He had Triumphs and Kawasaki at his pit. Maybe… in the future… But here are my Motorcycles.


Suzuki LS 650 -99, Savage. 

Bought, not built. Savage was my first motorcycle. Really nicely built. Proportions and details were in the right manner. And the sounds! Wow! Single piston rules. Savage had an MOT on the road. A police motorcyclist had stopped a Porsche for some reason. He watched me keenly on the other side road when I passed him. My guess was right. He came after me. I drove to the motorway. I manage to ride at very decent speed. After a while Police passed me very slowly on the right lane. He was staring at me and my bike. Suddenly he nodded and throttled away. I thought ” Wow! My little bobber passed MOT.”

I sold the bobber to the guy who said to me that he only buys things he never sells them on. That’s why he was buying this Savage from me. So, he did.


XV 1000 SE Midnight Special -83

”There is always someone who rides Yamaha”. I heard this sentence in a Dyna happening with a sad tone. Yep, and mine Yamaha XV 1000 SE Midnight Special -83 is a keeper too.

XV former Virago is a very good foundation for a café racer with the mono shock. But there’s a bobber soul in it. With the single carburetor tor manifold modified by Searayguy321 torque starts already at low engine rounds. Lights, exhaust, and seat with the subframe changed. Everything else is original. The bike was bought in parts. The seller said: ” Hey, everything works. And you are gonna have a wide smile riding this bike.” I hesitated a bit, but he was right!.

It was on a year ago when the engine busted. It stopped totally. Luckily I wasn’t riding it. I was adjusting the carburetor giving a lot of rounds… Thumgk! The reason was there was trash in the oil pump like rubber o-rings and so on. My fault. I did not open the engine when I was building the bike and checking it.

Quite soon after that I bought new used engine from UK before Brexit (BBX.). But being too busy with CBX and 48. I have only assembled the XV engine in its place.

Should I modified it to be bobber or café racer… I don’t know.


Honda CBX750 f -84 

I bought it in 2018. Old CB350 fuel tank purchased from the US. A friend bought it and send it from Baltimore to HELsinki. The eBay seller did not send items outside the US. The previous owner maintained the engine by changing the camshaft valves at 65 000 km. The engine sound is good. I mean really good. Now the total kilometers are about 75 000 km.

Starter was at the end of its life. I got a used and fixed one from eBay Germany. I lowered the original clipons. Changed headlight, fuel tank, and back frame with a Bitwell seat. Now I have installed a seat from the Honda Monkey (more comfortable). The carburetors were fixed by Prätkäpaja because I took off the big air intake box.

I really love riding this CBX. It’s easy to handle. I’ll always give her the best Honda motor oil till to the end.



At the beginning of my motorcycle” career,” I was not very interested in Harleys. More I was on Triumphs and my Japanese icons(my opinion). But, in my eyes, 48 is a very good-looking motorcycle. I read reviews saying it’s a really good bike to ride too. So, I took the test ride in the summer of -21. And totally different world for me. I love it.

I did like riding Bonneville bobber also. I won’t compare these motorcycles. They are so different. One of my best test drives was with Kawasaki Z900 RS. Some motorcycles are bad some of them are good. But you should notice a good motorbike despite your notion. It’s like the song is good despite its genre. Some people don’t get it.

In early October -21 I was on nettimoto local website selling motorcycles. I noticed this Harley Davidson Sportster 48 -2011 with only 3200 km on the gauge. I said to my wife:” Now here’s one motorcycle I would like to have ”. And she said: ” Buy it! You don’t usually say that about motorcycles or anything ”. So, I’ve been quiet, too quiet lately with my thoughts? There are quite many few bikes I would like to have and ride.

After +11°c, rain, 232 km, and 2 hr 50 min 48 was in her new home in HELsinki. The seller had taken the new project totally black Ford Mustang 2017 a beauty. We are both very happy and the reason is our new black projects.

My 48 is very loud and with a bit of extra horse power. I’m very happy with her. To care for her, she will have for next summer new tires and an oil change. 48 is in winter torpor at Freebird Herttoniemi.

Waiting for dry asphalt and sunny days. I’ll take care of my motorcycles and draw more Mummyduck Customs stuff keeping my passion alive during dark, cruel, and cold HELsinki winter.

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