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Motorcycle casual clothing aka biker clothing

Biker clothing is mainly very casual and easy to wear. I’m not taking about racing gears. To some motorcycle clothing is more uniform to show who they are and where they belong.  Some rides does not care a bit how they look or care any belonging stuff. But you noticed motorcycle clothing when person is wearing one.

What is the fist rule (in finnish: nyrkkisääntö) aka main rule in motorcycle casual clothing?

Easy answer is proctection layers againts outdoor climate and speed. Helmet is one. Cloves, jacket, pants and boots all are important layers to ride your motorcycle. As a motorcyclist Mummyduck Customs shirts give your mind and soul proper layers to face world around you.

The weather makes you wear layers. Too hot makes you take some clothes off. Too cold makes you put them back. It's good that you are able to change your layers because of the weather. Againts the rain you need water proof material. Unless you want to get wet. Yep, no brainer, but some people forget this.

Regardless of how hot the day is, my motorcycle clothing is dress in long trousers and a jacket (Richa). I don’t want get any asphalt rash. I use leather jacket as a cover-up. My jacket is ideally designed for motorcyclists. In my jacket, I wear motorcycle body armor for added protection. CE-rated body armor is one that complies with European safety regulations. Unofficially, American companies follow the same guidelines. I have BMW motorcycle jeans(they were on sale) and other trousers with also protection armours.

All these layers are your biker clothing armour againts weather or other crossing opstacles on your way. Because of bugs I wear goggles and mask covering the entire face (Shark helmet). Finnish summer has various sizes flying bugs. Some them are quite big and very solid.

So, how to look cool with your hot motorcycle. Quality gears are usually stylish in casual motorcycle clothing. You want you all layers to be good quality. At least I do. Technical windstoppers are good to wear too. I my self use Mummyduck Customs shirts as a comfortable underwear. Sometimes I have windstopper as a underwear shirt and above it I put Mummyduck t-shirt. This combo is ligth and manoeuvrable.

motorcycle casual clothing

Mummyduck customs motorcycle shirts are good building proper and stylish layers under your jacket. I use my t-shirts even in every day situations. So, I am a motorcyclist and proud to express it. 


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