Mummyduck Customs NFTs

Mummyduck Customs NFT collection is a more goofy way made than designs in clothing apparel. They are also awesomely very weird. I’m very happy about it.


I have chosen Solsea where to place my collection. It’s the first NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs. Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying.

A bit more info you found on this page.

Mummyduck Customs motorcycle NFT collection for tough souls. Made by hand-drawn to honour ancient piston technology and proper fuels like coffee. Mummyduck Customs motorcycle-based designs are retro and a bit vintage. But, these NFT duck skulls are weird! Enjoy. When I started to make these weird tattoos, weather, sideburns, duck skulls. I thought they’ll very nice T-shirts and blankets. BUT, these are even better NFTs. I was astonished by the result of how these came out. I wanted to share these right away. Quite many, but not too many are available right now. The journey has started.




Roadmap of Mummyduck Customs NFT

Belonging motorcycle genre Mummyduck Customs love roads, maps, and long journeys. So, Mummyduck Customs is here to ride on. Everything just started on this NFT side.  Along the way, I Harri will update items on motorcycle apparel and NFT’s. As things go further I will give more enlightenment guess from time to time. Right now the learning curve is quite steep. It takes hard work to keep myself on the map. So I’m driving slowly at the moment to check landmarks and road signs.

Here are my important roadmap goals:

10% Get black exhausts pipes for Forty-Eight

20% Paint special edition canvas. And give it away.

30% Fix Yamaha XV1000 to ready and running with a  thought(this needs time and coffee).

50% Take my wife on vacation somewhere warm. She’ll love it. This is the main goal.

80% Rent more workspace

100% I really don’t know(not yet)

Or it’s not art. That’s why you should avoid it. The border of art is not so strict, not even in NFT. But you can do it in so many ways and styles. Mummyduck Customs NFT way is a bit vintage and retro. And I like to bring it also to NFT’s. Mostly NFT are cyborg stuff. I could do those as well, but I want to bring NFT’s  Mummyduck Customs way. Hopefully in a good and cool way.

And NFT gives me an opportunity to try a bit differently with these illustrations, weirder.

- Harri